Enjoy An Undercover Agent For Cinco de Mayo Featuring Fabrizia Blood Orange Liqueur

Posted: May 5, 2017

For today’s cocktail, I wanted to make something that could assume multiple identities. It is Cinco de Mayo today and Derby Day tomorrow, so there’s certainly lots going on in the cocktail world. This drink is a kind of a hybrid between the drinks that celebrate these two day, but it can also easily be one or the other as well. Starting out with a reposado tequila as my base, I added blood orange liqueur, lime juice, and a basil simple syrup.
This brought me very close to a margarita, but not so far from a julep. I served it over cracked ice, but up in a cocktail glass. In honor of Sasha, I used one of my best because she is the glassware queen of the cocktail Instagram community. I also drizzled a blood orange shrub on top of this drink for the same reason. Sasha is a bit shrub obsessed, and the rest of us are thankful for it. The end result is a cocktail that keeps changing in the glass. It tastes like a margarita, or even a mojito, but it reminds you of a julep. The blood orange shrub settles in the drink so it comes along in full force at the end to surprise you.
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