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Our Process

Fabrizia Limoncello and Blood Orange are entirely “homemade,” produced in small batches, by hand in New Hampshire. Exact proportions are the secret to the success of Fabrizia, but by following the steps listed below you can create your own all-natural homemade limoncello or other fruit liqueurs just like we do!

Step 1: Select 8-10 ripened lemons (or blood oranges, etc)

Avoid fruit that is still slightly green or doesn’t have a medium-dark yellow or orange color. The color of the fruit WILL determine the color of your final product. And just like us, make sure NOT to add any color additives like many of the imported brands do.

Step 2: Peel the rinds

Use a vegetable peeler to peel off only the rind of the fruit. Try your best to avoid the white pith, which will negatively affect the flavor. Use the remaining fruit to make fresh juice and/or freeze it for future use.

Step 3: Add rinds to grain alcohol & wait 40 days

Add the peeled rinds to 1 liter of grain alcohol (not always easily available, high proof vodka is next best alternative), secure in a safe place, and leave for at least 40 days.

Step 4: Simple syrup

Create a simple syrup by adding between 1.5 to 2 pounds of sugar (based on preference) to 2 liters of nearly boiling water. Make sure to stir the sugar in well.

Step 5: Strain & mix

Remove the pot of simple syrup from the stove and pour in the dark yellow grain alcohol through a strainer to avoid the rinds from getting in. Mix for at least 1 minute. Let the product cool down for about an hour in the pot. Certain oils will rise to the top, you can leave them or remove them.

Step 6: Bottle & ENJOY!

Pour the final mix into bottles, mason jars or whatever storing containers you desire. Refrigerate or freeze and within hours you’ll be enjoying your fresh, hand made spirits! Above recipe will yield about (4) 750ML bottles.

No time? No ingredients? Fortunately we’ve already done the work.
Take comfort in knowing that we truly make our spirits EXACTLY as described above, with slight variations to the proportions of alcohol, water, and sugar which comprises our own recipe. As our brand distribution has grown, we continue to make each bottle of Fabrizia all naturally by hand and in small batches.