DrinkMeMag Counts Crema di Limoncello Among Their Top 5 Cream Liqueurs

Posted: May 2, 2017

Founder of Fabrizia Spirits, Phil Mastroianni developed a love affair with his Italian roots after visiting his ancestral home town of Platania in Calabria, Italy. Mastroianni fell in love with the Italian food, drink, and general lifestyle. On returning to his home town of Boston, Massachusetts, Mastroianni started to make his own Limoncello. One day, while visiting his parents, his Uncle Joe tasted the drink and enthusiastically said it was the best Limoncello he had ever had. From that day forward, Mastroianni’s weekends and evenings were spent perfecting the drink until he felt he could launch and sell his first batch.
On first nose, a non-sour, subtle citrus is thankfully not eye watering. It’s then followed by a sweet, lemon candy kick. The taste is pleasantly refreshing, tart without being harsh on your throat, and sweet with a pleasant after taste. Mastroianni prides himself for using natural ingredients in the Limoncello, including, zested lemon rinds, pure grain alcohol and house made simple syrup finished off with a Wisconsin dairy alcohol cream.
The combination of flavors brings images of Italian families and friends gathering around the lunch table on a summer Sunday afternoon. This is a drink to share and bring people together in the old traditional Italian family way. Drink on the rocks or add to various cocktails to create the perfect combination of sweet and tart.
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