Fabrizia Holiday Cocktails

Posted: November 22, 2023
Fabrizia Limoncello Hot Toddy

Limoncello Recipe: Fabrizia Limoncello Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy is a classic winter warmer, a soothing elixir that combines the comfort of hot beverages with a ...

Fabrizia Pistachio Martini

Pistachio Recipe: Pistachio Martini Recipe

Elevate your cocktail experience with a luxurious and nutty twist – the Fabrizia Pistachio Martini with Vanilla Vodka. This sophisticated ...

Limoncello Cranberry Spritz

Limoncello Recipe: Limoncello Cranberry Spritz

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to add a touch of zest and festivity to your gatherings. One delightful ...

Pistachio Espresso Martini

Pistachio Recipe: Pistachio Espresso Martini Recipe

For those who relish the rich and robust flavor of coffee paired with a touch of nutty indulgence, the Pistachio ...