Limoncello Balls

Posted: April 16, 2019

Do the Summer body thing later . Right now we have these Limoncello balls to eat.

* 12 ounces vanilla wafers, finely crushed
* 1 cup ground almonds
* 3/4 cup powdered sugar
* Scant 1/2 cup Fabrizia limoncello
* 2 1/2 tablespoons light corn syrup
* Finely ground zest of 1 lemon
* 1 cup powdered sugar, for dredging

Combine the cookie crumbs, almonds, and 3/4 cup powdered sugar in a bowl. Add the limoncello, corn syrup, and zest and stir well. Allow the mixture to sit for about an hour to allow the cookie crumbs to soften.

Place 1 cup of powdered sugar in a bowl.

Knead the crumb mixture a bit with your hands to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Form small balls and roll in the bowl of powdered sugar to coat evenly.

Store completed balls in a covered container in the fridge.

Thank you to @MinxEats!

Limoncello Balls